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Free Shipping on Most Orders Over $199!
Free Shipping on Most Orders Over $199!

Glycol Pump & Motor Assembly - 115V

  • This Glycol 75 GPH Pump and Motor assembly is completely assembled and ready to be installed. 

    This quality product is commercial grade and boasts the following:

    • Glycol capacity: 75 GPH
    • Durable 75 GPH Rotary-Vane Brass Pump fitted with 2 x 3/8" Brass barb fittings
    • 2 x 1' pieces of Nylon Reinforced 3/8" ID White Polyethylene Tubing and SS Clamps
    • EPS Foam Pump Jacket
    • V-Band Clamps
    • 1/3 HP, 1725 RPM, 115V Motor with Cord and Mounting Bracket
    • Dumper Coupling to reduce wear and further failure when either the Pump or Motor is damaged or fails to operate.
    • Assembled and packaged

    Overall Dimensions:

    Weight: 15-1/2lbs
    Length: 12-3/4"
    Width: 7"
    Height: 8"