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Free Shipping on Most Orders Over $199!

Perlick 304SS Lo-Boy Low Profile "D" Keg Beer Coupler

  • An innovative exclusive low profile design makes this 304SS Perlick Lo-Boy "D" System Keg Coupler perfect for keg tapping applications where vertical or head space is limited. Unlike some traditional "D" System Couplers, this low profile Keg Coupler fits on standard height smaller capacity kegs. Connect the low profile Keg Coupler by simply pushing down and turning to properly seat into the keg valve. 

    • System: "D"
    • Low Profile Design for Tight Clearance Installations
    • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
    • 3/16" I.D. Beer Output Barb
    • 5/16" I.D. Gas Input Barb
    • Height: 2 1/8"