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Free Shipping on Most Orders Over $199!

304SS Premium Single Tap DIY Jockey Box Kit - 50' Coil

  • This DIY Premium 304SS component Jockey Box Kit is comprised of the finest commercial grade hardware the dispense industry has to offer. Our top tier suppliers provide the identical product you get in our Beverage Pro Kit to the nations most reputable Draught Beer System Installers. In this kit you will receive, a 50' 304SS Coil, 304SS Faucet, Shank & Cooler Coupling, Plus a 304SS "D" System Keg Coupler, 304SS Beer Fittings and NSF Certified Clear Flexible Total Barrier Tubing all guaranteeing you the highest quality pour. Ask any master brewer and they will tell the only way to deliver a pint the way they intended it to taste is to use 304SS components and total barrier tubing. Additionally, you get an empty 5lb Co2 Tank, Black Plastic Tap Handle, Deluxe Beverage Pro Faucet Wrench, SS Primary Regulator Gauge Guard and a Co2 Tank Wrench with this kit.


    • 304SS 50' Coil
    • 304SS Standard Faucet
    • 304SS 3" Shank with JG Push-In Fitting
    • 304SS 3" Cooler Coupling
    • 304SS "D" System Keg Coupler
    • 304SS Beer Fittings and Clamps
    • 5' Length of Barrier Beer Tubing
    • 5' Length of Vinyl Gas Hose
    • 5lb Co2 Tank (Empty)
    • Deluxe Faucet Wrench
    • Co2 Tank Wrench
    • Standard Black Plastic Tap Handle
    • Primary Co2 Regulator
    • SS Regulator Gauge Guard