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Free Shipping on Most Orders Over $199!

1 Tap Premium Jockey Box with Tapping Kit & Co2 Tank - 50' Coil

  • This one faucet 50 foot SS Coil Jockey Box is offered in a red colored 48-quart cooler with low Co2 emission foam insulation for superior cold retention. The hinged lid provides easy access to the interior, while the leak resistant drain allows for the drainage of excess water without having to turn the cooler upside down. Our Beverage Pro Jockey Box is engineered with quick disconnects making it super easy to remove the SS Coil for cleaning or exchanging it out for another size SS Coil. This Beverage Pro Jockey box is a premium product featuring top of the line 304SS components such as, a 304SS Faucet, 304SS Shank, 304SS "D" System Keg Coupler, a 50 foot 5/16"OD 304SS Coil, 304SS Beer Fittings and Clamps, a 304SS Cooler Coupling and NSF Certified Clear Flexible Total Barrier Tubing. Additionally, you get an empty 5lb Co2 Tank, Black Plastic Tap Handle and a Beverage Pro Deluxe Faucet Wrench. This commercial grade Jockey Box is completely assembled with all the gear you need so why not make it the centerpiece at your next festival, party or special event?


    • 48qt Plastic Picnic Cooler
    • 304SS 50' Coil 
    • 304SS Standard Faucet
    • 304SS 3" Shank with JG Push-In Fitting
    • 304SS Cooler Coupling
    • 304SS "D" System Keg Coupler
    • 304SS Beer Fittings & Clamps
    • JG Push-In quick Disconnects
    • 5' Lengths of Flexible Barrier Beer Tubing
    • 5' Lengths of Vinyl Gas Hose
    • 5lb Aluminum Co2 Tank (Empty)
    • Deluxe Faucet Wrench
    • Standard Black Plastic Tap Handle
    • Primary Co2 Regulator
    • SS Regulator Gauge Guard